Norway-Nepal Association 25th Anniversary

Saturday November 14, 2009

Dag Hammarskjöld Room, Voksenåsen

Norwegian Assistance to Nepal: What is most Effective?                            Enhancing Cooperation between Public and Private Initiatives, between            Not-for-profit Support and Business

 9.30 Introduction 

Welcome by the Norway-Nepal Association’s chair Dag Norling

Voksenåsen NN

Frame and objective: To anhance NORAD’s long term strategies: Experiences and lessons. Andreas Føllesdal

10.00   Basic Needs and Human Rights                              

The Medical Situation in Nepal

Dr. Hari Dhakal, Ph.D. candidate, Norwegian Cancer Hospital     



NN, Save the Children, Nepal          


Questions and discussion

11.30 Launching of Peter Svalheims’ biography: Kraftverket. Odd Hoftun: Portrett av et livsverk. Avenir Forlag

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Peace and Democratization


Current Political Situation                

Kunda Dixit, Editor, Nepali Times   


Norway’s role in enhancing social and economic development in Nepal

Kikkan Haugen, former Deputy at the Norwegian Embassy in Nepal


Political mobilization

Marit Haug / Aadne Aasland, NIBR                       


Questions and discussion 

14.30   Coffee break

14.45Norwegian Activities in Nepal. Entrepreneurship and Business Development


Developing local businsess

Olav Myrholt, Utviklingsfondet


Social Entrepreneurship

Ingrid  Stange  -- Ashoka Norway -  

Comments by Mari Saua Svalastog,Entrepreneurship school, University of Oslo  


How to moblize Norwegian capital and competence to address Nepal’s energy problems

Kjell Roland, Director of Norfund


Bottom-up Assistance and Aid: Odd Hoftun’s work in Nepal

Peter Svalheim


NNF members’ cooperation with Nepalese partner: Experiences and challenges

Marit Bakke, NNF


Questions and discussion

16.30   Conclusion: What can be learned?


Comments from the Nepalese community in Norway


Swedish and Danish experiences

Sverige-Nepalföreningen ogDansk-Nepalesisk Selskab


Norad: Experiences, Lessons, and New Politicies

Norad representative to be named later


20.00   Dinner at Voksenåsen

We plan to serve Daal Bhat.

During dinner Nepal veterans will be  honored.


During the whole day:

Exhibition of pictures from the photo competition: “My best memory from Nepal”.

Exhibition of literature about Nepal.